WhatsApp to Introduce Customizable Theme Colors for Users

WhatsApp is set to introduce an exciting new feature that will allow users to select their default theme color. The feature is currently being developed for iOS users and will provide the option to choose a theme color from a selection of five choices: green, blue, white, coral, and purple. This update marks a departure from WhatsApp’s traditional green theme and is intended to offer users a more personalized experience.

WhatsApp theme color options

This change comes as a welcome update for users who may have grown tired of the standard green theme. Additionally, there are hints that further customization options, such as chat bubble colors, may also be in the works. While the feature is still in development, users can expect to see it in a future update.

Furthermore, WhatsApp is also undergoing updates on its web version, with testing underway for a new darker color scheme and a redesigned sidebar to enhance the app’s visual appeal and reduce eye strain. Another upcoming feature includes a revamped layout for businesses, allowing them to display verified badges on their channels. Businesses will have the option to sign up for Meta Verified, and upon successful subscription and activation, they will be able to showcase a blue verified badge on their respective channels.

For now, while awaiting these new updates, users can also explore other customization options such as chat wallpapers, which include options like Bright, Dark, and Solid colors, in addition to using their own images. These developments signal an exciting start to the year for WhatsApp users, offering them the opportunity to personalize and refresh their messaging experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the customizable theme color feature be available to WhatsApp users?

The customizable theme color feature is currently in development for iOS users, and its release date has not been confirmed. Users can expect to see it in a future update.

What other customization features are being developed for WhatsApp?

In addition to customizable theme colors, WhatsApp is also working on introducing chat bubble colors and revamping its web version with a darker color scheme and a redesigned sidebar. Businesses will also have the option to showcase verified badges on their channels through a revamped layout.


WhatsApp is gearing up to provide users with a more personalized and visually appealing messaging experience. The introduction of customizable theme colors, along with other customization options and updates, signals an exciting new chapter for the popular messaging app. With these upcoming changes, users can look forward to refreshing their WhatsApp experience to better suit their preferences and style.

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