Voter ID Card Download – By Name, Epic & With Photo

# Everything You Need to Know About Voter ID Card Download

The Voter ID card is a crucial document for Indian citizens, allowing them to participate in elections. To ensure that citizens have adequate access to this important document, the government of India has provided an online portal where individuals can acquire or rectify their voter ID card. This article serves as a comprehensive guide on how to download the Voter ID card by name, EPIC number, and with photo.

➤ Voter ID Card Download Process

To download the Voter ID card, individuals can utilize the National Voter’s Service Portal (NVSP) website. The process involves providing essential details such as the state and voter ID number. Additionally, for individuals who do not possess their voter ID number, there is an option to search for the Voter ID by name in the list.

➤ Steps to Download Voter ID Card

To download the Voter ID card with photo, individuals need to visit the website. They can then log in to their account, and upon successful login, they can enter their EPIC number to view their Voter ID with a photograph. Alternatively, individuals can also download the Voter ID card by EPIC number through the ECI website. Furthermore, the option to download the Voter ID card by name is also available, involving a simple process of providing the necessary details and obtaining the Voter ID card preview.

➤ Applying for Voter ID Card Online

The online portal also allows individuals to apply for a new Voter ID card. They can register on the website, fill in the required details, upload a photograph, and receive an EPIC ID number, enabling them to download a hard copy of their Voter ID.

➤ FAQs

✔️ Where can you download the Voter ID card?
You can download the Voter ID card from the website.

✔️ What details are needed to download your Voter ID card?
To download your Voter ID card, you need a mobile number, EPIC number, registration number of the state, and citizen name.

➤ Conclusion

In conclusion, the availability of an online portal for Voter ID card download has streamlined the process for citizens, ensuring easy access to this essential document. With user-friendly features and the option to download the Voter ID card by various methods, individuals can conveniently obtain their Voter ID card and exercise their voting rights during elections.

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