Uber Lyft Settlement Checks 2023, Claim Form, Payment Amount Link

Uber & Lyft Settlement 2023: Claim Form, Payment Amount, and More

The recent announcement by the New York State General Attorney regarding the historic judgment in favor of Uber and Lyft drivers has sparked significant interest. The attorney announced that both companies are liable to pay $328 million to drivers in New York and outside of New York. This judgment follows the violation of regulations by both companies, leading to the issuance of Uber Lyft Settlement Checks in 2023.

✔️ Uber & Lyft Class Action Settlement 2023 Highlights
– ✍️Judgment Details:✍️ Both Uber & Lyft violated norms by not paying minimum wages, resulting in the judgment in favor of drivers.
– ✍️Settlement Amount:✍️ Both companies are mandated to pay a total of $328 million to eligible drivers.
– ✍️Eligibility:✍️ Drivers who operated Lyft taxis between October 11, 2015, and July 31, 2017, or Uber between November 10, 2014, and May 22, 2017, are eligible to claim the settlement amount.
– ✍️Claim Amount:✍️ The settlement claim amount ranges from $26 to $27 per hour, depending on the number of hours driven during the specified period.

✔️ How to Claim and Application Process
To apply for the Uber & Lyft settlement claim, drivers need to fill out the Uber Settlement Claim Form 2023 or the Lyft Settlement Claim Form 2023 on the official website of the New York State Attorney General. The process involves filling in essential details such as employee ID, working hours, and other pertinent information. The application submission deadline is February 29, 2024, and the release of settlement checks is set to begin from that date.

✔️ FAQs
✔️# When is the Last Date to File Uber Lyft Settlement Claim Form 2023?
The last date to file the claim form is in February 2024.

✔️# What is the Total Amount to be paid under Uber Lyft Settlement Claim 2023?
Both companies are mandated to pay a total of $328 million to the drivers under the Uber Lyft Class Action Settlement 2023.

✔️# What is the Uber Lyft Settlement Claim Amount?
The Uber Lyft Settlement Claim Amount is $26 per hour for eligible drivers.

✔️# How to file Uber Lyft Settlement Claim Check 2023?
To file the claim, drivers can visit ag.ny.gov to access and fill out the Uber Lyft Settlement Claim Form 2023.

In conclusion, the recent judgment in the Uber & Lyft Class Action Settlement 2023 not only highlights the importance of implementing fair labor practices but also emphasizes the significance of drivers’ rights. The settlement serves as a crucial step in the ongoing efforts to protect and uphold the rights of workers in the gig economy.

In case you need further details related to the settlement or the claim process, you may visit the official website for the New York State Attorney General.

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