The Supreme Court said – those who give hate speech will be dealt with according to the law

The Supreme Court of India has made a strong statement regarding hate speech, stating that those who engage in such behavior will be dealt with according to the law, regardless of their political affiliation. The court’s remarks came after being informed about hate speech that took place during a rally organized by the Indian Union Muslim League in Kerala, where slogans like ‘Death to Hindus’ were allegedly raised.
The court emphasized that any form of hate speech will not be tolerated and will be addressed in accordance with the law. This statement reflects the court’s commitment to maintaining peace and harmony in the country, regardless of religious or political differences.
The court was hearing an application related to calls for boycotting Muslims following the Nuh violence. The matter has been adjourned until a later date, specifically the 25th. The court also mentioned that it expects the guidelines set by Tehseen Poonawala, which pertain to hate speech, to be followed.

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