Scary Viral Video of a group trapped inside a Tornado in US, watch what happened next

A video capturing a group of storm chasers getting trapped inside a tornado has gone viral on social media. The footage, filmed by Turner Charles, a veteran storm chaser with nearly 15 years of experience, shows the intense moment when a tornado knocks over a power line, pinning their car in the path of the oncoming storm. The incident took place in Lewiston, Illinois.

The video begins with the team driving towards the tornado while being pelted by hail. As they approach the twister, a massive circulating cloud appears in front of them. Realizing they are downstream of the tornado, the crew stops the car to capture shots of the cyclone. Suddenly, a gust of wind brings down power lines on top of their vehicle, trapping them as sparks fly.

To make matters worse, the group then realizes that the tornado has surfaced right next to them. They stop the car while the power line continues to spark around them. In the video, the group can be heard praying as the twister passes over them, shaking the car and smashing the back window with debris. Towards the end of the clip, one of the members exits the car, revealing severe damage and the vehicle pushed into a nearby ditch.

This terrifying video has gained millions of views and likes on social media. Many viewers were amazed by the bravery of the storm chasers and expressed their relief that they survived the harrowing experience. Some commented on the power of prayer and believed that a higher force was protecting them during the incident.
The video serves as a reminder of the dangers storm chasers face in their pursuit of capturing extreme weather events. It also highlights the unpredictability and destructive power of tornadoes. While the footage is captivating, it is important to remember that storm chasing should only be done by experienced professionals who prioritize safety and adhere to guidelines to minimize risks.

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