PlayStation Plus Extra Tier Reveals Premium Game Catalog for January 2024: Resident Evil 2, Hardspace: Shipbreaker and More

Sony has unveiled the Playstation Plus Game Catalog for January 2024, offering a total of fourteen games exclusively to Extra and Premium tier subscribers. The lineup includes popular titles such as Capcom’s ‘Resident Evil 2’ and TT Fusion’s ‘Lego City Undercover’. These games encompass a mix of PS5 and PS4 titles and are set to be available for download starting January 16.

PlayStation Plus Game Catalog for January 2024 Month Revealed

Resident Evil 2 (PS4, PS5)

Resident Evil 2 is an iconic survival horror game from Capcom, first introduced in 1998. The game features protagonists Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield as they attempt to escape the zombie-ridden Raccoon City. The 2019 remake of the game has been praised for its new puzzles, storylines, and areas, and has received critical acclaim for its presentation, art design, and faithfulness to the original title.

Lego City Undercover(PS4)

Developed by TT Fusion and WB Games, Lego City Undercover is an open-world game based on the Lego City playsets. The game, initially released in 2013 for the Wii U, was remastered for the PS4 and other platforms in 2017. The game offers a blend of action, exploration, and humor, catering to a wide range of players, making it an enjoyable and entertaining adventure.

The PS Plus Game Catalog also includes the following titles for both Extra and Premium tier users:
– Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Next-Level Edition (PS4, PS5)
– Hardspace: Shipbreaker (PS5)
– Just Cause 3 (PS4)
– Session Skate: Sim (PS4, PS5)
– Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (PS4)
– Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong (PS4, PS5)
– Surviving the Aftermath (PS4)

In addition, the Classics list for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers has been expanded with the following titles:
– Rally Cross (PS4, PS5)
– Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace (PS4, PS5)
– Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection (PS4)
– Legend of Mana (PS4)
– Secret of Mana (PS4)

The December 2023 lineup in the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog featured titles such as Grand Theft Auto 5, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, and Metal: Hellsinger.


✍️1. What is the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium tier?✍️
– The PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium tiers are subscription levels that offer additional benefits and access to exclusive games compared to the standard PlayStation Plus subscription.

✍️2. Can I access the games in the Extra and Premium tier if I have a standard PlayStation Plus subscription?✍️
– No, the games in the Extra and Premium tiers are exclusively available to subscribers of these higher tiers.

✍️3. Are the games available for download permanently, or for a limited time?✍️
– The games in the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium Game Catalog are available for download during the month they are announced, and they remain accessible as long as the user maintains their subscription.

The January 2024 PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium Game Catalog offers an exciting range of games for subscribers, including iconic titles like Resident Evil 2 and Lego City Undercover, as well as other diverse and engaging experiences. The addition of new titles to the Classics list further enriches the gaming options for Premium subscribers, enhancing the value proposition of these subscription tiers.

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