OPPO Removes Feature Allowing YouTube Background Playback Without Premium

OPPO recently announced the removal of a popular feature, ‘Background Stream’, from all its devices through future OTA updates. Initially introduced with ColourOS 12, this feature allowed users to play any multimedia content in the background, and it gained popularity for enabling background playback for YouTube videos without a premium subscription. However, the company is now taking this action to comply with external requirements.

OPPO's official community post
OPPO’s official community post

OPPO’s decision to remove the feature in regular OTA updates suggests that the company received external pressure to do so. While Google and YouTube have not officially commented, it is believed that YouTube’s strict enforcement of its terms of service may have led to this decision. With YouTube targeting adblockers and encouraging users to subscribe to YouTube Premium, it is possible that YouTube influenced OPPO’s move. This change will not only affect OPPO devices but also apply to Realme and OnePlus smartphones as their software is based on ColorOS.

It is important to note that YouTube Premium subscription is priced at Rs 129/month in India. Additionally, users can opt for the family plan at Rs 189 per month, which can be shared with five other members. As part of its promotion strategy, YouTube has been collaborating with smartphone brands to offer a free three-month subscription to YouTube Premium upon purchasing a new smartphone.


Why is OPPO removing the ‘Background Stream’ feature?

OPPO is removing the feature to comply with external requirements, which suggests that the company may have faced pressure from external entities, possibly Google or YouTube, to do so.

How will the removal of this feature impact users?

Users will no longer be able to play YouTube videos in the background without a premium subscription on their OPPO, Realme, or OnePlus devices as the ‘Background Stream’ feature will be removed through regular OTA updates.

What subscription plans does YouTube offer for premium features?

YouTube Premium subscription is priced at Rs 129/month in India, and there is also a family plan available for Rs 189 per month, which can be shared with five other members.


OPPO’s decision to remove the ‘Background Stream’ feature reflects the evolving landscape of online streaming services and the changing dynamics between device manufacturers and content platforms. While this change may inconvenience some users, it aligns with YouTube’s efforts to encourage users to opt for premium subscriptions. As the tech industry continues to evolve, such developments highlight the impact of content platforms on device functionalities and user experiences.

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