No need to take leave for higher education in online, distance mode in Haryana

The Haryana Government in Chandigarh has recently announced a significant relief for employees who wish to pursue higher education through online, private, distance, or evening classes instead of regular courses. According to the new guidelines issued by the Finance Department, employees will no longer be required to take study leave for such educational pursuits. Instead, they only need to seek approval from their Head of Department (HOD). This new provision allows employees to balance their office work and studies more efficiently.
Previously, employees had to take leave for higher studies, which was deducted from their earned leave. This often resulted in financial loss for the employees. However, with the new guidelines, employees can pursue higher education without the need for formal study leave. This is particularly beneficial for those employees who are seeking further education for the purpose of promotion or career advancement.
The decision to eliminate the requirement of study leave for employees pursuing higher education through non-regular modes reflects the government’s recognition of the importance of continuous learning and professional development. By allowing employees to manage their studies alongside their office responsibilities, the government aims to support their personal growth and enhance their career prospects.

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