Unveiling the Mahindra Thar.e EV: A Glimpse into the Future of Off-Roading

Mahindra, a pioneer in the rugged off-road vehicle segment, is set to redefine adventure with the imminent arrival of the Thar.e Concept, a pioneering electric SUV expected to hit the Indian roads in 2026. An electrified version of the iconic Thar, this EV promises a blend of cutting-edge technology and the enduring spirit of exploration.

Pricing and Variants

Enthusiasts eyeing the Thar.e can expect a price range of Rs. 20.00 Lakh to Rs. 25.00 Lakh, depending on the chosen variant. Anticipation surrounds the potential availability of two variants, the AX and LX, each promising a unique mix of features and performance.

Design and Features

At first glance, the Thar.e boasts a captivating exterior design, featuring a revamped grille adorned with model badging and striking vertically stacked LEDs flanking it. Rounded square LED headlights and chunky wheel claddings complement the robust stance, while the rear showcases tailgate-mounted spare wheels and square LED taillights.

The interior, a fusion of modernity and functionality, welcomes occupants with a fully digital instrument console, a redesigned multifunctional steering wheel proudly bearing the Thar.e insignia, and convenient grab rails on the dashboard sides. A centerpiece dominates the dashboard—a large touchscreen infotainment system, promising seamless connectivity and control at the driver’s fingertips.

Powertrain and Performance

While specifics regarding powertrain remain undisclosed, Mahindra confirms a shared battery and powertrain among its EV lineup. Expectations lean toward a potent 60kWh battery pack powering electric motors—one on each axle—enabling a formidable 4WD capability. The Thar.e, built upon a modified INGLO P1 platform, hints at revised dimensions, including a longer wheelbase and compact overhangs compared to its ICE counterpart.

Safety and Rivals

Safety evaluations from accredited bodies are pending for the Thar.e Concept. While direct rivals for this electrified iteration are absent currently, its unique blend of off-road prowess and electric innovation positions it as a standout in the emerging EV landscape.

Final Thoughts

The Mahindra Thar.e Concept embodies the brand’s commitment to innovation and sustainability while preserving the essence of adventure that the Thar legacy represents. With its impending launch, the EV off-roader sets the stage for a new era in exploration, promising enthusiasts an exhilarating journey into the future of electric mobility amidst rugged terrains.



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