Kane Williamson has two weeks to prove his fitness

The upcoming ODI World Cup, scheduled to be held in India, is set to commence on 5th October. As per the tournament regulations, all participating teams are required to announce their preliminary squads by 5th September. However, the New Zealand team is facing a dilemma regarding the inclusion of their star player, Kane Williamson.
Williamson, who sustained an injury during this year’s Indian Premier League (IPL), has been struggling to regain full fitness. In light of this, the New Zealand team management has granted him an additional two weeks to prove his fitness and make a case for his inclusion in the squad.
The decision to provide Williamson with extra time highlights the importance of his presence in the team. As the captain and one of the key batsmen, his experience and leadership are invaluable to the New Zealand side. However, the team management is also cautious about not rushing his return, as they want to ensure that he is fully fit and ready to contribute effectively in the World Cup.
The extended period will allow Williamson to undergo further rehabilitation and assessment, giving him a fair chance to prove his fitness. The New Zealand team will closely monitor his progress and make a final decision based on his recovery.

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