Johnson & Johnson $700M Settlement Claim 2024 – Know Payment Date, Eligibility

# Johnson & Johnson $700M Settlement Claim 2024 – Everything You Need to Know

In May 2024, Johnson & Johnson made headlines with a significant $700 million settlement to resolve claims filed by numerous Plaintiffs alleging that the company’s products had caused ovarian cancer in specific women. This marked a turning point in the ongoing litigation concerning the potential link between Johnson & Johnson’s products and the development of ovarian cancer. The settlement amount was intended to provide compensation for the physical, emotional, and financial challenges faced by the affected women. Here’s everything you need to know about the Johnson & Johnson $700M Settlement Claim 2024, including payment date, eligibility, and how to claim.

➤ Johnson & Johnson $700M Settlement Claim 2024 Overview

In January 2024, Johnson & Johnson reached a significant agreement to settle a claim filed by Plaintiffs, resulting in a $700 million settlement to compensate the affected women. The payment date for the settlement was set for May 2024, aiming to assist with their recovery and ongoing medical needs. The settlement claim is organized by Johnson & Johnson Talc Powder Pvt Ltd. and is specific to the United States of America.

➤ Johnson & Johnson Settlement Claim Eligibility 2024

Recipients who are suffering from ovarian cancer due to the use of Johnson & Johnson’s products, as well as mesothelioma victims caused by the exposure of asbestos in the company’s products, are eligible for the Johnson & Johnson $700 Million Settlement Claim 2024.

➤ How to Claim Johnson & Johnson $700M Settlement Payment 2024

Beneficiaries wishing to apply for the claim and fulfill the eligibility criteria can follow these steps:
– Visit the official website at [](
– Review the guidelines and locate the “Claim form for the Johnson & Johnson $700M Settlement Claim 2024” on the homepage.
– Enter the provided ID number and fill out the claim form with personal information and details about the harm suffered.
– Verify the information entered and submit the claim form.
– Await approval from the claim administrator and address any queries.
– Upon approval, recipients will receive the settlement funds on the designated date of May 6th, 2024.

➤ FAQs On Johnson & Johnson Settlement Claim Payout 2024

✔️ When will Johnson & Johnson pay the settlement amount of the Johnson & Johnson $700M Settlement Claim 2024?
Johnson & Johnson will pay the settlement amount in May 2024.

✔️ What is the official website to apply for the Johnson & Johnson $700M Settlement Claim 2024?
The official website to apply for the claim is [](

✔️ What is the amount Johnson & Johnson agreed to pay as a settlement cost under Johnson & Johnson Settlement Claim 2024?
The settlement amount agreed upon is $700 million.

In conclusion, the Johnson & Johnson $700M Settlement Claim 2024 reflects a significant step in providing compensation to those affected by the alleged impacts of the company’s products on their health. The settlement underscores the importance of corporate responsibility and the need for accountability in cases where products may have had harmful effects on consumers. If you believe you are eligible for the claim, make sure to fulfill the necessary steps outlined and seek the compensation you deserve.

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