Jio Achieves Fastest 5G Deployment Globally in December: Mukesh Ambani

# Jio’s Milestone Achievement: Fastest 5G Deployment and Ongoing Innovations

Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Jio, recently announced a groundbreaking achievement at the Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet – 2024. Reliance Jio has successfully completed the fastest rollout of 5G globally in December 2023. This achievement marks a significant milestone in the telecom industry, positioning Reliance Jio at the forefront of 5G technology deployment.

➤ Fastest 5G Deployment and Strategic Investments in Tamil Nadu

Ambani revealed that Jio has opted for 5G standalone architecture, surpassing the conventional 5G non-standalone architecture, and has conducted an extensive deployment of 5G Base Transceiver Stations (BTS). This strategic move ensures unparalleled coverage and connectivity, solidifying Jio’s position as a leader in 5G rollout in India.

Notably, Tamil Nadu has emerged as a focal point for Jio’s strategic investments, with over Rs 35,000 crore allocated to enhance network connectivity for the state’s 35 million subscribers. Ambani emphasized the company’s commitment to bringing the digital revolution to every town and village in the state.

➤ Technological Infrastructure Advancements and Offerings

In a move to fortify its technological infrastructure, Reliance has forged partnerships with Canada’s Brookfield Asset Management and US-based Digital Realty to unveil a data center. This collaboration represents a significant stride towards fostering advanced digital capabilities, ensuring robust and scalable infrastructure to support the rapid expansion of digital services.

Jio continues to offer its 5G service for free to customers subscribing to the Rs 239 plan or higher. This offering, available for both prepaid and postpaid mobile users, can be claimed through the MyJio app on their smartphones. However, the exact end date for this complementary 5G offering has not been specified by the telecom giant.

➤ Focus on Indigenous AI Development

Reliance Jio has also set its sights on the development of an indigenous Artificial Intelligence (AI) model named ‘Bharat GPT.’ Collaborating with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, Jio aims to create a homegrown AI solution. This ambitious initiative highlights Jio’s commitment to fostering innovation and driving technological advancements in India.

➤ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

✔️ 1. When did Reliance Jio achieve the fastest 5G deployment globally?
Reliance Jio achieved the fastest rollout of 5G globally in December 2023, as announced by Mukesh Ambani at the Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet – 2024.

✔️ 2. What are the strategic investments made by Reliance Jio in Tamil Nadu?
Reliance Jio has allocated over Rs 35,000 crore to enhance network connectivity for the state’s 35 million subscribers in Tamil Nadu.

✔️ 3. How can customers avail of Reliance Jio’s complimentary 5G service?
Customers subscribing to the Rs 239 plan or higher can avail of Reliance Jio’s free 5G service through the MyJio app on their smartphones.

➤ Conclusion

Reliance Jio’s achievement of the fastest 5G deployment globally, along with its strategic investments and technological advancements, underscores its commitment to driving innovation and revolutionizing the digital landscape in India. With ongoing initiatives such as the development of indigenous AI solutions, Jio continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of technology and connectivity in the country.

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