iPhone 15 Pro Adhesive Gate: Users Report Peeling Along The Edges of The Back Panel

➤ iPhone 15 Pro Adhesive Gate: Users Report Peeling Along The Edges of The Back Panel

The iPhone 15 Pro series has encountered various issues since its launch. From overheating, battery draining, and performance throttling to startup freezes and easily scratched screens, users have reported a multitude of problems. The latest issue to emerge is known as “adhesive gate,” where a small number of users have reported that the back panel of the standard iPhone 15 Pro is peeling along the edges.

✔️ iPhone 15 Pro Users Report Peeling Along the Edges on Back Panel

A Reddit user, mr_rakue, posted a series of pictures in the r/iphone subreddit, highlighting abnormal peeling along the bottom left and top right corners of the black titanium variant of the iPhone 15 Pro. The peeling appears to be taking off the back panel, and users have noticed some black adhesive-like material that is peeling off. Some users have mentioned that they experienced the same issue, with one user even receiving a replacement device from Apple due to the peeling problem.

It’s worth noting that Apple changed the way iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are manufactured to make it easier to replace the back panel. Some Redditors have speculated that the peeling issue could be related to this new manufacturing process.

✔️ FAQ

✔️# Q: What is causing the peeling issue on the iPhone 15 Pro back panel?
The peeling issue has been attributed to the adhesive used to stick the back panel down not being applied correctly, leading to it peeling along the edges.

✔️# Q: Have users experienced similar issues with other iPhone models?
While reports indicate that the iPhone 15 Pro series is affected by the peeling problem, no widespread reports have surfaced for other iPhone models.

✔️# Q: How has Apple responded to the peeling issue?
Apple has replaced some affected devices due to the peeling problem, indicating that they are addressing the issue on a case-by-case basis.

✔️ Conclusion

The iPhone 15 Pro’s “adhesive gate” is the latest challenge for users of the series, adding to the list of existing issues. With the peeling problem primarily affecting the back panel of the device, users have turned to platforms like Reddit to share their experiences and seek solutions. As Apple continues to investigate and address the issue, affected users should contact Apple Support for assistance.

As more information becomes available, it will be crucial for users to stay informed about potential remedies and support from Apple to address the peeling problem on the iPhone 15 Pro series.

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