Instagram Empowers Users Worldwide with Reels Download Feature: Sharing Creativity Beyond Borders


In a bid to amplify the creative reach and engagement of its users, Instagram has officially announced the global rollout of the much-anticipated Reels download feature. Initially introduced in the United States earlier this year, the ability to download publicly posted Reels is now accessible to users worldwide.

The feature enhancement allows Instagram users to harness the power of creativity by downloading Reels from public accounts directly to their device’s camera roll. Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, communicated this monumental update through his Broadcast channel, unveiling that all users can now effortlessly save Reels created by public accounts with the creator’s Instagram handle embedded as a watermark on natively downloaded content.

Until now, users had the option to share Reels from public profiles solely to their Stories or direct messages within the Instagram app. However, with this latest expansion, downloaded Reels can be seamlessly shared across diverse platforms beyond Instagram, unlocking new avenues for content distribution and engagement.

Mosseri highlighted that the downloaded Reels natively include the creator’s Instagram handle, ensuring due credit and recognition to the original content originator. While the feature’s global rollout is underway, Instagram users are advised that its availability may gradually reflect across accounts.

The newfound capability extends even to public accounts, affording them the flexibility to disable the Reels download option if preferred. In such cases, while users won’t be able to save Reels from these accounts to their camera rolls, they can still access and save these videos within the Instagram app through the ‘Saved’ tab.

For users seeking to save Reels from public profiles, a simple tap on the Share button denoted by the paper airplane icon on the desired Reel and selecting the Download option empowers them to add these captivating videos to their camera rolls for external sharing.

Furthermore, Instagram users possessing public accounts have the liberty to customize their Reels’ download settings. By navigating to Profile > Settings and Privacy > Sharing and Remixes > Downloading your Reels, individuals can toggle the download functionality on or off as per their preferences.

Additionally, the update introduces a seamless sharing experience by enabling Reels saved to camera rolls to be effortlessly shared via various social media platforms, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and others. Previously, users had to resort to manual link sharing; however, now, the downloaded Reels can be directly shared as video files without the need for URL copying.

This innovative feature expansion underscores Instagram’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and interconnected creative community, amplifying content accessibility and sharing capabilities beyond the confines of the platform.

In a landscape where digital connectivity drives creativity and expression, Instagram’s latest update empowers users to transcend boundaries, fostering a more vibrant ecosystem of creative expression and sharing.

As this feature continues to permeate global user accounts, it signifies a significant leap toward enabling users to share their creativity far and wide, cementing Instagram as a catalyst for fostering global creative connections.

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