Haryana: XEN, accountant and clerk arrested in bribery case of Rs 35 thousand

In Hisar, the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) has made arrests in a bribery case involving an Executive Engineer (XEN), an Accountant, and a Clerk from the Irrigation Department. The accused individuals were caught accepting a bribe of Rs 35,000. The incident unfolded when the complainant, Jitendra, a contractor, alleged that the XEN, Accountant, and Clerk had demanded a bribe of Rs 45,000 in exchange for approving his bill for a drainage project in the village.
Jitendra stated that he had undertaken the contract for digging a drain in the village in 2022, which had cost him Rs 22 lakhs. However, he had not received payment for the work, prompting the Clerk to demand money in order to process the bill. Eventually, a deal was struck for a total of Rs 35,000. Inspector Ajit Singh Gill accompanied Jitendra as he handed over the money to the Clerk, Sukhwinder. At that moment, the ACB team swiftly arrested all three individuals involved.

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