CRA Assessment Notice 2024: How to Get, Objection & Login


✍️What is the CRA Assessment Notice?✍️
The CRA NOA is the document sent to the taxpayers to provide them with the notice that their tax is received by CRA.

✍️How can the Taxpayer get the CRA NOA?✍️
The taxpayer can obtain the CRA Notice of Assessment through the CRA MyAccount Portal or the registered mail.

✍️Within how many days can one obtain the CRA Assessment Notice?✍️
The individuals can get the CRA Notice of Assessment within 14 days if they have filed the electronic return or 28 days in case they have filed the return through Mail.

✍️When can the CRA NOA Objection be raised?✍️
The CRA Assessment Notice Objection can be raised in case the citizen has any disagreement with the NOA.

✍️What details are to be checked on the CRA Assessment Notice?✍️
The details like Account Summary, Tax Assessment Summary, and other details are to be checked on the CRA Assessment Notice.


The CRA Assessment Notice is a crucial document that Canadian taxpayers receive after filing their taxes. It provides important information about their tax status, including whether they owe taxes or are entitled to a refund, and details about deductions, credits, and contributions like the Registered Retirement Savings Plan. If taxpayers are dissatisfied with the assessment, they have the option to raise objections within a specified time frame. It’s important for taxpayers to keep a record of this document for at least six years as the CRA may review their tax return during this period. Understanding the details, timelines, and processes related to the CRA Assessment Notice is essential for all Canadian citizens to ensure compliance with tax regulations and understand their tax status.

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