CBSE Date Sheet 2024 -Practical/ Theory 10th, 12th Exam Date Link

As per the recent meeting, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released the date sheet for the upcoming 2024 board examinations for Class 10th and 12th. The examination for Class 10th will commence from 15th February 2024 and conclude on 2nd April 2024. Likewise, the examination for Class 12th will begin on 15th February 2024 and end on 10th April 2024. Both practical and theory exams will be conducted as per the CBSE Class 10th and 12th time table. The practical exams will be conducted for various subjects, while theory exams will be held for major subjects.

It is essential for students to prepare diligently, as the exams are just a few months away. The CBSE date sheet for 2024 can be downloaded from the official website, Students are advised to plan their studies according to the schedule provided in the date sheet to ensure smooth preparations for the exams.

To prepare effectively for the exams, it is important for students to complete their syllabus and focus on revision. Having a strategic approach to studying can enhance academic performance and enable students to secure good marks in the examinations.

✔️# FAQ

1. ✍️Where can I download the CBSE date sheet for 2024?✍️
You can download the CBSE date sheet for 2024 from the official website,

2. ✍️When will the CBSE practical exams for Class 10th and 12th be conducted?✍️
The practical exams for Class 10th and 12th are scheduled to be conducted in January-February 2024, before the commencement of the board exams.

3. ✍️What are the exam dates for specific subjects in Class 10th and Class 12th?✍️
The exam dates for specific subjects in Class 10th and Class 12th are mentioned in the CBSE date sheet. Students can refer to the official date sheet for subject-wise exam dates.

4. ✍️What are the streams available for Class 12th in CBSE?✍️
The streams available for Class 12th in CBSE are Arts, Science, and Commerce.

5. ✍️How can students prepare for the CBSE board exams effectively?✍️
Students can prepare effectively for the CBSE board exams by completing their syllabus, revising thoroughly, and practicing previous years’ question papers and sample papers.

✔️# Conclusion

The CBSE date sheet for 2024 has been announced, and students are advised to commence their preparations promptly. By downloading the date sheet and planning their studies accordingly, students can optimize their preparation time and perform well in the upcoming board examinations. It is crucial for students to adopt a structured and disciplined approach to their studies to achieve favorable outcomes in the exams.# Everything You Need to Know About the CBSE Exam Date Sheet 2024

As the 2024 board exams for the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) are fast approaching, it’s important for students to start preparing and strategizing to secure good marks. With exams slated to be conducted between 15th February and 10th April 2024, understanding the exam schedule and preparing a proper study plan is essential for success.

➤ Preparation Tips

Here are some helpful tips to assist students in their preparation for the upcoming CBSE board exams:

1. ✍️Complete the Syllabus and Understand Concepts:✍️ It’s crucial to complete the syllabus and thoroughly grasp the concepts to allow ample time for revision.

2. ✍️Revision and Sample Test Papers:✍️ Regular revision and practicing sample test papers are key factors for securing good marks in the CBSE board exams.

3. ✍️Notes and Study Material:✍️ Ensure that you have all the necessary notes and study materials and aim to complete your studies and syllabus on time.

➤ Downloading the CBSE Date Sheet 2024

To download the CBSE date sheet for Class 10 and 12 exams, follow these instructions:

1. Visit the official website of CBSE at [](
2. Click on the Examination link.
3. Select the time table and then choose your class (either 10th or 12th).
4. Wait for the PDF file to open, displaying the subject names and exam dates.
5. Download the file and take a printout for further reference and preparation.

➤ Frequently Asked Questions

✔️ What is the CBSE Class 10th, 12th Exam Date Sheet 2024?

The CBSE board exams for Class 10 and 12 are scheduled to be conducted between 15th February and 10th April 2024.

✔️ How to Download CBSE Class 10th Date Sheet 2024?

Visit the CBSE official website, [](, to download the CBSE 10th Date Sheet 2024 in PDF format.

✔️ When will CBSE Class 12 Practical Exam 2024 be conducted?

The Class 12 Practical Exams are set to be conducted in January and February 2024.

✔️ How much time is enough for Revision before CBSE Board Exam 2024?

It is recommended to start revision as per the CBSE Time Table 2024, ensuring you have 2-3 months for comprehensive revision.

By following the provided instructions and tips, students can devise an effective study plan and approach the upcoming CBSE board exams with confidence.

In conclusion, effective preparation and time management are pivotal for success in the CBSE board exams. By using the provided date sheet and adhering to the mentioned tips, students can better organize their study schedule and maximize their chances of scoring well in the exams. Good luck!

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