Britain: American XL bully dogs will be banned, PM Sunak announced

In response to the rising number of fatal dog attacks in Britain, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced plans to ban the American XL Bully breed by the end of the year. However, since this breed has not been clearly defined yet, an immediate ban is not possible. The ban will be implemented under the existing Dangerous Dog Act.
According to Sunak, the issue lies not in the dogs’ training but in their behavior patterns. He believes that American XL bully dogs pose a danger to society and has therefore instructed authorities to define and ban this breed as a matter of urgency. Currently, there are already four dog breeds banned in Britain, namely Japanese Tosas, Fila Brazilians, Dogo Argentinos, and Pit Bull Terriers. Owning any of these breeds can result in a prison sentence of up to six months.
The decision to ban the American XL Bully breed reflects the government’s commitment to addressing public safety concerns related to dog attacks. By taking proactive measures to define and ban this breed, the government aims to prevent further incidents and protect the well-being of citizens.

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