Bharat Atta 2024 Yojana Registration: Price ₹27.5, Benefits, How to Buy

# Bharat Atta Yojana 2024: Everything You Need to Know

The Government of India has initiated the Bharat Atta Yojana 2024 to provide wheat flour, commonly known as atta, at subsidized rates to all citizens. Under this scheme, citizens can purchase wheat flour at the fixed price of ₹27.5 per kilogram from authorized retail points such as NAFED Stores and NCCF Stores of Mother Dairy across India.

➤ Bharat Atta Yojana 2024 Overview

The Bharat Atta Yojana 2024 was launched by the Government of India to alleviate the impact of inflation on essential commodities. The scheme aims to provide wheat flour to citizens at a significantly reduced rate, making it more accessible to all segments of the population. This initiative is particularly beneficial for low-income families who may struggle to afford the prevailing market prices, which range from ₹40-45 per kilogram.

➤ How to Purchase Bharat Atta

Citizens can purchase Bharat Atta from designated retail stores by presenting their Aadhaar Card as identification. The surplus wheat resulting from the ban on its export will be utilized to implement this program.

➤ Key Details of Bharat Atta Yojana 2024

– ✍️Scheme Launched on:✍️ 6th November 2023
– ✍️Bharat Atta Price 2024:✍️ ₹27.5 Per Kilogram
– ✍️Beneficiaries:✍️ All Citizens of India
– ✍️Commodity Offered:✍️ Wheat Flour or Atta
– ✍️Eligibility:✍️ All Residents of India
– ✍️Retail Platforms:✍️ NAFED Stores or NCCF Stores of Mother Dairy Stores

➤ Frequently Asked Questions

✔️ When was Bharat Atta Yojana 2024 Launched?

The Bharat Atta Scheme 2024 was launched on 6th November 2023.

✔️ What is the Bharat Atta Price 2024?

The price of Bharat Atta is ₹27.5 per kilogram.

✔️ How can I Buy Bharat Atta 2024?

You can purchase Bharat Atta 2024 from NAFED Stores or NCCF Stores of Mother Dairy Stores.

✔️ What is the Market Price of Wheat Flour?

The market price of wheat flour in India is approximately ₹40-45 per kilogram.

➤ Conclusion

The Bharat Atta Yojana 2024 serves as a crucial step in ensuring that essential food items remain affordable for all citizens, especially during times of inflation. By providing wheat flour at subsidized rates, the scheme assists in addressing food security concerns and supporting low-income households. The availability of wheat flour at an affordable price enhances the overall well-being of the populace.

In conclusion, the Bharat Atta Yojana 2024 signifies the government’s commitment to promoting the welfare of its citizens while addressing economic challenges through targeted interventions in the agriculture and food sector.

The scheme is a significant stride towards reducing the economic burden on citizens and ensuring access to essential commodities, thereby contributing to the nation’s development and social inclusivity.

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