BenQ GV31 Portable Projector Launched in India: Price, Specifications, and Availability

BenQ has introduced its latest portable projector – the GV31, expanding its range in India. This new projector offers Full HD 1080p resolution, supports up to 4K content, a projection angle of up to 135°, and comes with integrated Android TV featuring pre-installed Netflix. Below are the details of BenQ’s new offering.

BenQ GV31 Price and Availability

The GV31 is priced at Rs 79,990 and will be available for purchase from BenQ’s e-store, Amazon, and leading gadget and IT retail stores across India.

BenQ GV31 Features and Specifications

– ✍️Resolution:✍️ The projector features Full HD 1080p resolution and supports up to 4K content.
– ✍️Projection Capabilities:✍️ It offers up to a 135° projection angle, providing versatile viewing options.
– ✍️Integrated Android TV:✍️ The projector comes with built-in Android TV for a seamless entertainment experience, with pre-installed Netflix for instant access to a variety of content.
– ✍️Cinematic Colour Expertise:✍️ Utilizes DLP projection technology for enhanced audio-visual quality, vibrant colors with 98% Rec 709, and offers autofocus and auto vertical keystone for immersive visuals.
– ✍️Audio Enhancement:✍️ The projector includes integrated audio with 16W (8W*2) and a 270-degree 2.1-channel sound, providing extended bass for a rich audio experience while also functioning as a wireless speaker.
– ✍️Battery Life:✍️ It offers up to 3 hours of video playback or 6 hours of music playback.
– ✍️Projection Size:✍️ Capable of projecting a screen up to 120-inches in Full HD (1080p) resolution.
– ✍️USB-C Port:✍️ Equipped with a USB-C port supporting data transfer, power delivery, and DisplayPort Alternate Mode.
– ✍️Seamless Setup:✍️ Fast autofocus and automatic vertical keystone correction for quick and hassle-free installation.

Rajeev Singh, the Managing Director of BenQ India, expressed that “The arrival of our GV31 projector marks a step up from the GV30, transforming how Indians indulge in entertainment. BenQ’s commitment to innovative projection technology, integrated Android TV, and high-fidelity audio-visual experience aims to redefine how families and individuals experience and customize their modes of entertainment.”

For more information on the GV31, you can visit the official BenQ website or check with authorized retailers.


✍️1. Is the BenQ GV31 projector only available in India?✍️
The BenQ GV31 portable projector is currently launched in India, and its availability in other regions is yet to be announced.

✍️2. Can the BenQ GV31 projector be connected to external devices?✍️
Yes, the projector is equipped with a USB-C port supporting data transfer, power delivery, and DisplayPort Alternate Mode, allowing connectivity with various external devices.

✍️3. What is the warranty period for the BenQ GV31 projector?✍️
The warranty period for the GV31 projector may vary based on the region and retailer. It is recommended to check with the seller for the warranty details before making a purchase.


The BenQ GV31 portable projector offers a range of advanced features and capabilities, making it a versatile entertainment tool for home, office, or on the go. With its high-quality display, audio capabilities, and integrated Android TV, the GV31 aims to deliver a seamless and immersive viewing experience. Priced at Rs 79,990, it caters to the growing demand for enhanced entertainment solutions in the Indian market.

Overall, the launch of the BenQ GV31 projector showcases the brand’s commitment to innovation and enhancement of the entertainment experience, marking a significant advancement in the portable projector technology sector.

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