Apple Family Sharing Settlement Claim 2024: $30 Eligibility, Payment & Claim Form

# Understanding the Apple Family Sharing Settlement Claim 2024

Apple has recently been involved in a lawsuit regarding its Family Sharing feature. In the lawsuit, it was alleged that Apple had mislead customers by promoting the Family Sharing feature as a way to share subscriptions to its services with up to five family members, including third-party subscription services. As a result, a settlement has been reached, with Apple agreeing to pay $25 million to eligible users, with each user receiving a compensation amount of $30.

➤ Apple Family Sharing Settlement Claim 2024

A user named Walter Peters filed a case against Apple in 2019, alleging that Apple’s advertisement of the Family Sharing feature was misleading. The lawsuit claimed that many users were led to believe they could share app subscriptions with family members, and when they attempted to do so, they were unable to. As a result of the lawsuit, Apple has accepted its mistake and agreed to pay a settlement amount.

➤ Eligibility and Claim Process

Users who purchased app subscriptions via the Apple App Store between June 21, 2015, and January 30, 2019, may be eligible for the settlement. To check eligibility, users can visit the website or call the toll-free number 1-866-914-0236. Eligible users will receive a notice and can choose to receive the payment through a check or ACH transfer.

✔️ When was the Apple Family Sharing Lawsuit filed?
The lawsuit was filed in 2019.

✔️ What is the Apple Family Sharing Claim Amount 2024?
Apple has agreed to pay $30 to each eligible user under the Apple Family Sharing Lawsuit.

✔️ What is the Apple Sharing Settlement Amount 2024?
Apple has agreed to pay a total of $25 million to eligible users under the Apple Family Sharing Lawsuit.

➤ Conclusion

It’s essential for eligible users to stay informed about the Apple Family Sharing Settlement Claim 2024 and to follow the necessary steps to claim their compensation. As the settlement process progresses, users should ensure they meet the eligibility criteria and make informed decisions about their preferred payment method.

By being aware of the details provided in this article, users can take advantage of the opportunity to claim their rightful compensation for the misleading advertisement of the Family Sharing feature by Apple.

The settlement is a significant development in consumer rights protection and serves as a reminder for companies to provide transparent and accurate information to their customers.

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*Please note that this information is provided based on the available content and might be subject to updates or changes as the lawsuit progresses.*

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