APAAR ID: One Nation One Student ID Registration and ABC Card PDF Download

The Ministry of Education and the Government of India have launched the APAAR ID initiative, which stands for One Nation One Student ID Card. This initiative aims to provide students with a digital academic profile containing their degrees, scholarships, rewards, and other credits. Students need to complete the One Nation One ID Registration on the official website and then download the APAAR ID PDF. The APAAR ID is a significant step towards digitizing academic records and making it easier for students to access and transfer their academic information.

Students can register for the APAAR ID through the ABC Bank portal and download their unique APAAR ID card. The card will contain a 12-digit APAAR number, which serves as their digital ID for collecting academic benefits and credits. This article provides detailed information on the benefits of the ABC Card and how to complete the registration process for the APAAR ID.

APAAR ID Registration Form

The Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) portal facilitates the registration process for the APAAR ID. Students are required to provide basic details such as their mobile number, Aadhaar card number, university name, and student ID to complete the registration. Once registered, students can access and manage their academic information digitally.

Benefits of APAAR ID

– Student Mobility: The APAAR ID allows students to have better mobility and access to their academic records from anywhere.
– Academic Flexibility: It offers students the flexibility to transfer their academic credits seamlessly.
– Unified Student ID: The APAAR ID serves as a unified digital ID for students across different educational institutions.
– Easy Transfers: It simplifies the process of transferring academic data and credits.

ABC Card PDF Download

After completing the registration, students can download the ABC Card PDF from the official website. The card will include details such as the student’s name, APAAR ID, and a QR code for verification. It is essential to verify the details on the card to ensure its accuracy.


When was the APAAR ID launched?

The Ministry of Education launched the APAAR ID in October 2023.

What is the benefit of APAAR ID: One Nation One Student ID?

It allows student mobility and credit rewards through the APAAR ID card.

What are the details required for APAAR ID registration?

You can use the Digilocker account or mobile number to complete APAAR ID registration.

How to download the APAAR ID card PDF?

You can download the APAAR ID from abc.gov.in.


The APAAR ID and ABC Card initiative by the Ministry of Education and the Government of India are significant steps towards digitizing academic records and streamlining access to academic benefits for students. It offers a unified platform for students to access, manage, and transfer their academic information easily. With the APAAR ID, students can benefit from enhanced mobility, academic flexibility, and seamless credit rewards.

As students continue to register for the APAAR ID and download their ABC cards, the initiative is expected to bring greater transparency and efficiency to the education system. This move aligns with the digital transformation efforts in education and paves the way for a more connected and student-centric academic experience.

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